Under the direct supervision of licensed naturopathic physicians, our student clinicians work with you to assess, diagnose and treat your health concerns.

How does a teaching clinic work?

When you become a patient at BNMC you are assigned to a supervising licensed naturopathic doctor who will be your physician going forward. All future appointments will be scheduled with the same supervising physician and a health care team comprising of third and fourth year students. Prior to your appointments your third and fourth year student clinicians take the time to thoroughly read your file, make sure that they are up to speed on all of your past appointments and familiarize themselves with your current treatment plan. Each appointment at BNMC is at least 45 minutes in length which gives clinicians and supervisors plenty of time to assess and evaluate your progress.

Will I always see the same student clinicians?

In order to provide our student clinicians with a variety of learning opportunities, from time to time they will be reassigned to new supervisors. Each supervisor has a specific area of focus in their practice as well as a unique approach to patient care. We believe that exposing our students to a variety of supervisors gives them a broader scope of tools to use in their own future practices. Typically you will see the same student clinician for about 6 months depending on the time of year you become a BNMC patient.

What are the benefits of a teaching clinic to me?

  • As a teaching clinic we are able to offer affordable rates
  • We are able to devote extra time to each patient appointment
  • Because our student clinicians are currently studying Naturopathic Medicine, they are regularly exposed to the latest information and research
  • Our team approach to your care gives you the opportunity to have your concerns assessed and treated by several brilliant minds