Traditional Asian Medicine

traditional chinese medicine

Traditional Asian Medicine (TAM) is a 2,500-year-old system of holistic medicine based on the ideals of balance and movement. Dynamic internal movement drives life and comes from our vital energy, known in TAM as Qi, while the opposing forces of yin and yang keep our health in balance. The understanding is that excesses, deficiencies, and stagnation within and between these forces lead to illness. Practitioners identify the roots of imbalance through detailed observation of bodily functions, signs, and symptoms. The application of TAM allows naturopathic doctors to diagnose, prevent, and treat illness by implementing acupuncture, therapeutic dietary modification, botanical remedies, and exercise.

At the Boucher Naturopathic Medical Clinic (BNMC) patients will be seen by students (and supervising NDs) fluent in TAM theory, assessment, and treatment. Proper assessment is key to TAM diagnosis and successful treatment.  Along with patient interviews and observation, evaluation relies on tongue and pulse diagnosis. The practitioner gauges the appearance of the tongue as well as the speed, shape, and quality of the pulse. Information gathered in this combined fashion tells us about the overall health of the body, the condition of internal organs, and disease processes that may be taking place.

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