Homeopathy is a holistic healthcare system that originated in Germany over 200 years ago. The medicine is founded on the use of very small doses of substances, creating medicines that are matched to the entire symptom picture a patient presents with. The matching is important – in contrast to conventional medicine wherein disease and drug are at odds (the medicine opposes and seeks to destroy the illness) – homeopathy tells us that taking small amounts of a substance which would cause symptoms in a healthy person will remove those same symptoms in a sick person. This is another of the defining principles of homeopathy, “like cures like.”

The study of homeopathy demands a rigorous understanding of the art and science of medicine. Students undergo 4 years of classroom and clinical training in:

  • the theories and principles homeopathic medicine
  • the minutiae of remedy characteristics
  • the distinct abilities of collecting information and selecting the proper remedy
  • and correct dosing and patient tracking

Clinical care teams at the BNMC thoroughly interview patients to collect the in-depth information needed to correctly select homeopathic remedies that are indicated for the patient’s specific needs.

Homeopathy is employed extensively throughout the world. It has not only remained widely used but has gained popularity for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it is a system of medicine centered on the patient as a whole, not simply focusing on the disease. The basis of this principle comes from the understanding that symptoms do not exist in isolation, but are a reflection of how a person is coping with stress/illness overall.

Secondly, homeopathy is safe and inexpensive. These benefits are made true by the facts that most remedies are not meant to be taken long term and that very small amount of materials are needed to manufacture the medicines. The low dosing of homeopathic remedies also, to a great extent, removes the potential for negative side effects. The idea of minute dosing can be confusing for most people, especially in a society with a strong pharmaceutical background.

Although the theory of homeopathy is detailed dosing can be summed up as such:

Large amounts of materials suppress symptoms and block other processes in the body – they have to make room for themselves. Suppression is the enemy of health as it works against our body’s ability to heal itself and it can cause illnesses to go deeper and become hidden. In comparison, small, diluted doses of medicines appear to sensitize and re-activate our innate healing process, leaving space for the proper workings of the body and for negative elements to be eliminated.

Thirdly, and because of the above reasons, homeopathy is relatively easy to practice at home for acute cases with the previous guidance of a naturopathic doctor. it is simple to create a collection of homeopathic remedies for everyday issues such as headaches, stomach upset, poor sleep, bumps and bruises, cough, etc.

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