Clinical Faculty

  • Reports to: Associate Dean of Clinical Studies
  • Hours: Part-time, flexible, willing to work Saturdays
  • Application Deadline: Open until filled
Position Summary

Clinical Faculty members are responsible for overseeing patient care and supervising intern clinical practice, as well as general office operations during the shift. Clinical Faculty must familiarize themselves and adhere to all clinic rules and policies contained in the Clinical Faculty handbook and the Clinic Intern Handbook, and any policies and procedures that may subsequently be adopted by the teaching clinic. Shift schedules may include some evenings and weekends.

Key Duties
Lead a preview and review session at the beginning and end of each shift and discuss all aspects case management including intake, diagnosis, and proposed treatment plan with the interns. Clinical Faculty have final approval on any proposed course of action by the interns as it is the faculty member who has legal responsibility for the patient.

During patient care, the faculty is responsible for ensuring that the naturopathic principles are followed, and for ensuring the accuracy and completeness of each patient chart.

Each semester Clinical Faculty are required to meet with each student on their shift and conduct a midterm evaluation and a final evaluation. Clinical Faculty are also responsible for ensuring that interns follow clinical rules and procedures, and for reporting any breaches to the Dean of Clinical Studies.

Administrative responsibilities include recording student intern attendance, completing on-line student evaluations, and signing off on student competencies.


Clinical Faculty must have at least two years of experience in practice as Naturopathic Physicians, and hold current licensure and insurance in British Columbia. They are also required to continue professional development activities while employed at the Boucher Institute as per licensure requirements, and maintain licensure and insurance throughout their employment.

Highly organized, strong work ethic, commitment to performance delivery on time and on budget, sound business thinking, creativity and initiative, excellent communication and teamwork skills, intermediate computer skills and commitment to maintaining confidentiality.

Applicant must pass a criminal record check.

About the Boucher Institute
The Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine is Western Canada’s only accredited naturopathic medical school, offering students naturopathic medical education of the highest standard with rigorous four- and six-year programs. Boucher Institute graduates are leaders in the practice of naturopathic medicine—with a strong commitment to the ongoing practice of self-reflection and personal growth, a passionate belief in the efficacy of complementary medicine and a commitment to leading our world toward sustainable health.

An innovator in research, education and clinical training, the Boucher Institute also operates a fully equipped clinic, where senior clinicians, under the tutelage of licensed Naturopathic Doctors, offer patients a wide array of treatments, including clinical nutrition, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, wellness counselling and physical and botanical medicine.


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