“It seems like yesterday that an article on naturopathic medicine written by Dr. Joseph Boucher sparked my interest. I recall thinking this is the type of doctor I want to be. At the time, I was doing pre-med courses at the University of Victoria and working as an RN. The blatant disconnect between health and health care seemed more and more apparent as I wondered what my career as an MD would look like. In the early 1980s, there were probably only about 20 practicing NDs in the province so it was not a surprise to me that I had not heard of naturopathic medicine nor met an ND.

Even though I attribute Dr. Boucher’s article for pointing me towards naturopathic medicine, I had some strong childhood influences from a great Aunt (also an RN) who was juicing greens, swimming in the frigid waters off Vancouver Island, and using herbs for medicine long before it was popular. As a nurse, I jumped at an opportunity to work in Southern Florida and ended up working in an osteopathic hospital where I was introduced to many physical medicine modalities including high velocity manipulation. This was definitely the not standard of practice I had been educated in but it was validation that other effective options for healthcare exist.”

-Clinic Supervisor, Dr. Jane Rohon O’Halloran, ND