The Boucher Naturopathic Clinic offers a variety of therapies that can help with many different conditions. Have you ever been curious about a particular natural therapy? Have you wondered what it might feel like while you are getting a treatment, or how you might feel afterwards? Though every patient’s experience is different, the testimonials below will help to give an idea of the range of treatments available at the Boucher Clinic.

Myer’s Push

What is it: Vitamin and mineral IV infusion

“It was quick and easy and well done at the Boucher Clinic, and well within my budget. It did not hurt. I remember that I woke up the next morning and my skin was radiant and glowing. And I have keratosis pilaris (small red bumps) on my arms, and after the Myer’s, they disappeared for 5 days. I’d like to get another one soon!”

– C.L.


“I find it is much-needed time to myself, to lie down and relax. Sometimes it hurts a little bit as the needles go in, but then it’s fine. Some points have a heavy aching feeling, which is the Qi [energy] moving. I sleep so well after a treatment.”

– C.B.

“I started coming a year ago because I had gone on a hike and hurt my knee, and was really scared I would never be able to hike again. My clinicians diagnosed me with patellar-femoral syndrome. They did cupping on my IT band, and it was the most painful thing I’ve ever felt because my IT band was so tight. But it made such a difference! Then I had electro-stim on my quads, and lots of acupuncture – my knees looked like pincushions. But it made a world of difference, and I did a ton of hiking this summer!”

– C.B.

Laser  &  interferential  current (IFC)

“I had both treatments to help with chronic pain. You don’t feel anything during the laser treatment. The IFC feels tingly, like a TENS machine, but it is not painful. It was very convenient and very effective for me.”

– S.T.

Constitutional hydrotherapy

What is it: treatment of alternating hot and cold towels

“It’s amazing

! I did six weekly treatments for stress and anxiety. The cold towel is pretty cold, but it’s very relaxing and gives you a grounding effect that is hard to explain. It made me feel really clear-minded, calm and very grounded.”

– A.S.

“I did a constitutional hydrotherapy treatment when I was coming down with a bad cold. Before the treatment I felt tired and chilled. I loved how cozy the warm towels made me feel, and how the cold towels stimulated my body to warm up. After the treatment I felt completely warmed up inside, and I had a lot more energy.”

– J.S.


Other treatments

“I came in for a pulled muscle, and it was great because there are so many tools in the clinic – lasers and ultrasound and herbs and acupuncture. Not many other clinics have the same variety. It really adds a lot of value to each visit.”

– A.M.